Beast reasons to stage a home

Staging a home for sale takes time. As a home seller, you might be wondering whether staging a house for sale is really worth the time and money you put into it. Will it capture buyers' interest and increase your selling price? See it from the buyers' side of things with the top four reasons staging your home attracts buyers.

1. Buyers Will See Your Home in Use

There's a fine line with real estate buyers, where they like to see the home in use they're turned off by a house that's cluttered with personal knick-knacks.

Staging a home is like setting a scene: You can remove the personal effects and replace them with tasteful items that give the buyer an idea for how the house might be used. That's why you'll stage each room for a single purpose, for example replacing a home office in the kitchen with a breakfast table nook.

2. Staging Brings out Your Home's Personality

With older homes, staging helps define the home's personality. Buyers are more likely to remember homes with character and visual appeal, so if your home is staged right, a buyer might be unable to stop thinking about it after the showing.

3. Staging Creates a Flow

A house with no furniture can lose its shape, especially with the trend of open-plan living. Furniture helps define a room's purpose and contour, separating the open plan dining area from the living area. This can give the home a flow, so buyers move naturally through the space.

4. Staging Helps Real Estate Marketing

The real estate process begins on the internet, where buyers browse new real estate listings. When you stage your home and take professional photos, your listing will pop off the web page. More buyers will want to come to open homes and showings.

When people see crowds at an open house, they automatically develop a higher opinion of the property. After all, if so many people are here, the house must be a good bargain. As you can see, this leads to increased interest and maybe even an offer you can't refuse.

When you think about it from a buyer's point of view, then it becomes obvious. Real estate staging offers too many benefits to ignore. If you don't want to stage the home yourself, your real estate agent can recommend a home staging professional who will do the work for you. And you can sit back and reap the benefits, knowing you did everything you could to command a high sales price.