marketing a vacation condo rental

The success or failure of your vacation rental can hinge upon your marketing efforts. The nicest vacation rental can't be rented if no one knows about it. While employing a company can take a lot of the weight off your shoulders, it's cheaper and more rewarding to do it yourself. Also,it is easier than you think, and once you have the processes in place, keeping them going can be simple.

Digital marketing is the most effective for vacation rentals. With so many comparison websites and travel websites, it is essential to create a presence for yourself and your property. These sites will make your rental visible, where potential renters can look at pictures and read reviews.

Pictures and reviews are two tools that will help you bring in renters. If you can't take professional-grade photos, consider using a freelance photographer. It is important to show your property in its best light, while still being true to its condition, especially when you are trying to get your rental off the ground. The renters that these photos attract will become your ambassadors, who will build the word-of-mouth that results in the success you desire. Reviews are vital for the marketing of your vacation rental. Be sure to ask each renter to review their experience and the property so that others will know what to expect when they look at booking.

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You should put your vacation rental on the TripAdvisor, FlipKey, VRBO, and Airbnb websites. These are where most people go to find a vacation rental, and a lot of the reviews are linked throughout these sites, which makes the process easier for you as well. Flipkey and Tripadvisor synchronize; when you set up your vacation rental at Flipkey, it will automatically list on Tripadvisor. FlipKey charges three percent per booking, so you don't spend money until you start making it. VRBO and Airbnb offer a similar scheme. They make it simple to be a start-up. 

The right marketing will mean the success of your vacation rental. Most marketing is done digitally now, and advertising your property online means getting it in front of more eyes than you could ever hope to otherwise. This is also where you will build your customer base with repeat business; reviews that recommend you to others will create new business. Directly managing your marketing will give you the control and freedom to make the changes necessary to reach the demographic you're looking for, without requiring too much of your own time. The right marketing will pay off in your first season of renting and carry your momentum forward into the years to come.

Article by Dawn Marino