Looking for a Fixer-Upper? Four Reasons a New Home Might Actually Be a Better Fit for Your Needs

Buying a home that needs some TLC can look like a fun endeavor on popular reality TV shows and online, but fixer-uppers might come with more issues than families can handle on their own. If you don't really have a DIY spirit or a background in fixing up homes, a fixer-upper can quickly turn into a money pit. Budgets and locations are always a factor, but if you have a choice, it is worth it to do a little introspection on your personal lifestyle when picking a home. Here are four reasons a new home might be a better option for potential home buyers on the market.

1. Energy Efficiency Benefits

While historic homes might have unique qualities, these can come with a ton of deficiencies, including a higher power bill. Newer homes strive to have energy-efficient windows, doors, and appliances. This can save you money on your power bill and might also bring tax cuts depending on when you buy and where you live. Having a home that is built with energy efficiency in mind can be a great start to a long-term cohesive home environment.

2. Move-in Ready Homes

If you have been looking for your dream home for awhile, you might be ready to move in the second you get the key. This might not be possible with a fixer-upper, especially if more issues are uncovered when working through smaller renovations. Adding the stress of moving into a home that will immediately need extensive renovations might be more than your family can manage. A new home will be turn-key ready for families to move in, without any setbacks or surprises lurking. 

3. Up-to-Date Safety 

Safety should be a top concern when it comes to a home - old or new. The great thing about a newer home is the assurance that this will up-to-date on housing codes and requirements stated in your area. Electrical problems can lead to fires in older homes, so outlets that are new and appliances that are built for newer outlets will make your living environment more compatible and safe. You'll have peace of mind in a new home that can keep your family safe and free from emergency problems an older home might have.

4. Options for Green Homes

Green homes are built with specific materials and specifications that make these less impactful on the environment from day one. Green homes use solar power, are insulated better, and are made of less impactful or even recycled materials. Green homes tend to use less energy, water, and can have a better resale value. These green factors aren't something that can be added to older home without extensive renovations and upgrades.

Being honest with yourself and needs will help direct your home search. If you aren't quite sure if you are ready for all of the work that an older home or fixer-upper can come with, the benefits of a new home can be appealing. Choosing a newer home that is move-in ready can make for a smoother transition and will offer fresh start that you and your family needs.