The Marino Team, Awesome agents

Are you needing the services of a real estate agent, but don't know which professional to hire? Are you confused by the multitude of agents in your area and narrowing down your choices to just one agent? Picking the proper professional for your real estate needs doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. Bear the following tips in mind and spotting an awesome real estate agent will be made easier.

Response Time

Try reaching out to a number of real estate agents via their advertised phone numbers to see how quickly they respond. The sooner a real estate professional gets back to a potential lead, the likelier it is they will be responsive to your queries should you hire them.

Socially Savvy

Another way to check a real estate agent's responsiveness is to reach out to them on social media. Tweet at them or leave a query on their Facebook page and monitor how long it takes for them to respond on social media. If a real estate professional has automated their social media networking, they may be slow to respond. Look for a real estate agent who invests time in social networking and offers a personal touch instead of automated posts.

Website Quality

Review the websites of potential real estate professionals you are thinking of hiring. If their website looks like it was designed back in the eighties and has never been updated, chances are good their grasp of new, modern real estate technologies isn't going to be stellar. You want to work with a real estate agent who is up-to-date on the latest tools and technologies, not someone who is still using a Palm Pilot to communicate with clients. The quality of a website says a great deal about the pride an agent takes in their real estate services.

Blog Banter

When you are thinking of hiring a real estate agent, you want to be sure they know their industry. Posting quality content on their blog on a frequent basis helps real estate agents showcase their expertise. If an agent you're thinking of hiring doesn't have a blog or hasn't posted in months, you might want to think twice about hiring them to help you buy or sell a home.

If you want help learning how to spot an awesome real estate agent, these four factors should be top-of-mind. Understanding which characteristics are essential for a top-performing real estate professional can help make your hiring decision easier. Pay attention to the above-listed signs and there's a good chance you'll find the perfect professional to assist with your real estate needs.