Beach Packing List

Ladies and gents! Beach weather is finally in full swing! Local Emerald Coast beach-goers are sprinting to get their first taste of the summer sun, and tourism is thriving with the arrival of warm temperatures and sunny days! 

When planning to visit the snow-white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast, some essential items are easy to overlook. Here are a few ideas for your beach-packing checklist!


  • Many people forget this important item! Make sure to hydrate yourself and your loved ones while under the blazing sun. 

2. Sunscreen

  • Protect your skin people! Plenty of people forget this item and live to regret it after just 2 hours in this Gulf Coast sun. No one wants the pain of a sunburn!

3. Reusable bags

  • With so many items to carry at the beach, bags are a must! It is also a good idea to bring extra just in case you pick up some things along the way!

4. Lightweight clothing and an extra outfit.

  • Always expect the unexpected when planning a trip to the beach. Clothing mishaps happen all the time. Sometimes clothes get wet or sandy so bring extra!

5. Beach towels

  • This item is obvious but commonly forgotten! If you forget your beach towels, shops by the beach (such as Alvin's Island, Surf Style, or Ron Jons Surf Shop) always carry and sell them!

6. First Aid Kit

  • Band-Aids are always helpful to have on the beach. Walking barefoot across the sand can result in scrapes or cuts that a First Aid Kit will be useful for! 

7. Portable Charger

  • This item is extremely useful when your electronics are almost out of battery. Instead of having to search stores and restaurants for a charging outlet, bring a portable charger and continue having fun!

8. Bug Spray

  • The Emerald Coast has bugs that bite! Make sure to apply bug spray as the day turns to night to keep the pesky insects away!

9. Cooling Gel (ex. Aloe)

  • After-sun skin care is key! Bring cooling gel to keep your tan and get rid of that burning sunburn!

10. Cooler

  • It is hot! Bring a cooler to keep all of your drinks and food items safe and cool. 


Those are just some essential items you might need when going to the beach. There are other items that are not necessities, but certainly make your beach time more enjoyable! Here are a few:

1. A hat

2. Deodorant wipes

3. Goggles

4. Waterproof bag or phone case

5. Portable Speaker

6. Beach Chairs

7. Wet wipes

8. Inflatable floats

9. Sunglasses

10. Camera

We hope you use these tips to help you and your friends and family have successful, relaxing beach days. Being prepared allows you to enjoy the glittering water, sun, and sand of the Emerald Coast without added stress! Everyone please remember to have fun and always be safe!